VQF Plugin Last Updated: Jun 8th, 2003

Here is the native Plugin for XMMS. I felt it was important to get it out there when I was pretty sure there was no serious bugs. If you do find a bug, read the INSTALL and ChangeLog files for details of what to do. Kindly don't send mails of the nature, It sucks or, it's broke with no additional information. I am confident there won't be need for mails like that though.

Compiling is usually trivial, ./configure, make, make install. Under Debian, it depends on the libglib1.2-dev and libgtk1.2-dev packages so you'll need to install them. However, it also depends on a binary SDK, it will not work with newer compilers. Late 3.2 compilers and all 3.3 compilers are known to now work unless the std namespace is explicitly disabled for the g++ build. If you use a recent compiler, download the binary version of the plugin instead. If you have your input plugins somewhere other than /usr/local/lib/xmms/Input, you will need to add a --prefix to the ./configure.

Downloading the plugin
Presuming you still want it, it's available from the following link.

Download VQF Plugin Source
Download VQF Plugin Binary for Linux x86
Download VQF Pluging Binary for FreeBSD x86 (Provided by Idea <idea@cracker.hu>)

If you have problems, try and work through them as best as you can before mailing me.

Vqfplugin 0.94
  • Compile with recent versions of g++
  • Less likely to crash with weird headers Vqfplugin 0.93
  • Removed bug for VQF's that ended too early
  • VQF's with bad headers will now be played Vqfplugin 0.91
  • Fixed stupid compile errors
  • Allow basic tag editting Vqfplugin 0.9
  • Made length report 3 seconds less it doesn't appear to end too soon
  • Added view file info box

    Vqfplugin 0.8
  • Now seeks
  • Reads damaged headers from bad encoders now
  • Attempts to guess length if DSiz is unavailble rather than reporting 0
  • Gives a file name if one isn't encoded into the header
  • Simple about box
  • Still finishes on last three seconds. No idea why

    Vqfplugin 0.7
  • Removed all the Wine crud and started with the NTT SDK instead
  • The visualisation doesn't update as snappy as I would like. Probably no way around it except to optimise frtobuf. But I don't really understand that function so not much luck there
  • Doesn't seek - won't be implemented unless I get a sudden urge to seek VQF's. If it's important to you, see the next point on how development might be speedened up
  • Mel is low on beer halting development to a halt for the moment

  • I would like to thank NTT for publishing the SDK. Now, go one step further and publish the VQF spec please :-)
  • Thanks to Pavel Polischouk for his input into the project.
  • Cheers to all the people giving support

    Bug Reports
    Please mail bug reports to mel@skynet.ie.

    In case this plugin shouldn't exist, the plugin was written by 1000 monkeys typing at random. I am simply an agent to webhost the plugin.