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Mark Stacey



Dr. John Nelson & Ivan Griffin, University of Limerick


B.Eng. Computer Engineering (LM069)

Submitted in part requirement for final year project course CE4907/4908 to

University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

24th April 1997


This project's aim is to implement an experimental extension for TCP, the T/TCP (TCP for Transactions) standard, for the Linux operating system. Linux is a free UNIX-like operating system written by Linus Torvalds for PC computers. Currently a number of flavours of UNIX support this standard. SunOS 4.1.3 (a Berkeley-derived kernel) was the very first implementation of T/TCP. It was implemented by Bob Braden and Liming Wei at the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, and first made available by anonymous FTP in September 1994. The next implementation was by Andras Olah at the University of Twente (Netherlands) for FreeBSD 2.0, and released in March 1995.

As can be seen, T/TCP is still a relatively new and unused protocol although the benefits over TCP and UDP are undisputed. This document describes the implementation of T/TCP for Linux, and presents some comparative analysis between T/TCP and TCP based on the number of packets per session and the time for each request reply. A case study on the possible impact of T/TCP on the World Wide Web is also examined.

Mark Stacey
Thu Apr 30 12:26:11 IST 1998