Final Year Project

Implementation of T/TCP for Linux


T/TCP patch for 2.2 kernel
A note from Tasos Politis (Greece) regarding a patch for the 2.2 esries kernel for T/TCP:

View my Final Report with performance analysis for T/TCP against TCP/IP.
Also available in:

View my Interim Report

Download the patch (compressed 20Kb) for the kernel (2.0.32) (last updated: 30th April, 1998). For the uncompressed version, click here (70Kb).
The patch also works for the 2.0.33 kernel, but I haven't done any major testing on it.

To add support for T/TCP, install the patch, and configure your kernel to prompt for experimental or incomplete code. The options for RFC1644 are under the Network Options section.

Download a patch for lynx 2.8 to allow it to support TTCP.

For lynx to compile in support for T/TCP, it checks if the MSG_EOF option is defined on the system, if so, it assumes that the kernel can handle T/TCP and compiles in support, otherwise, it reverts to the normal compilation.

This patch has not been robustly tested, I have come across some sites that refuse to handle the SYN, FIN and data in the one packet ( for example). If I have time I might alter it to check for a connection refused message and then just fall back on normal TCP/IP operation.

These patches are released under the GNU General Public License with copyright to myself and the University of Limerick.

Download some testing programs written for T/TCP (thanks to Richard Stevens)
His page also contains links to web servers running T/TCP

ttcpserv.c A T/TCP enabled server
ttcpcli.c A T/TCP enabled client

A tar ball of the above

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