M eet my parents band, well it's not just my parents there's four other members as well. They originally started about four years when the New Ross Boat club came up with the idea to start up a kind of a folk night in the boat house where people who were interested could come along, listen to the music or even join in if they wanted. When the club had been going for a few months five of them got together to enter a local singing competition. They won and decided to see what would happen if they formed a band for a while.

I t was after this that they started to make their mark. The band now consists of six members. Mam is the main female singer while Bob and Ollie share the male leads. Dad, Marie and Sean do the backing vocals. Instruments played include :

A t the moment their second album (The Hidden Corner) is on release since before Christmas. This was preceded by a single (I have a dream) and their first album (The Wish and the Way). The second album differed from their first in that all the songs are originals. Bob and Marie are the song writing team in the group. Marie writes the lyrics and Bob puts the music to it.

S ome notable points about the group is that they have full time jobs to take care of as well. Dad is a principle in the local primary school, Ollie teaches at secondary level (my old French teacher), and Sean is the Project Manager for the John F. Kennedy Trust which has been set up in New Ross. Another point is that between them there are 17 children, with two husband and wife teams (Bob and Marie being the other).

S ome of their more noteworthy gigs include a stint at the Winter Olympics in Oslo in 1994, they have also performed at a dinner in the US in front of the previous Taoiseach Albert Reynolds. Other artists they have played with include Katy Moffat (Texan singer-songwriter), Jimmy Crowley (from Cork), Mick Hanley, the Voice Squad, John B. Spencer (based in London), The Scrapes (Norway) and Ronnie Drew.

T hey have received very favorable reviews in Italian, British and Scandinavian newspapers, and both albums have sold well on the Continent.
Some quotes from newspapers:

"Undoubtedly the biggest thing to come out of New Ross since er… since…"
"... I'm letting you get to know the latest Irish sensation Barrowside"
"Mick Hanley predicts major chart success for Barrowside single"

In a press release on their second album:

The underlined songs below can be downloaded in .wav format, approximately 200Kb in size and 10 seconds play)

"Songs destined for airplay range from amusing (The Bohemian, Novelty Man) to pensive and sad (Soldier, Soldier) to political commentary ( Somewhere in the Minds of Men) and idealism (I Have a Dream), love lost (Falling Rain) and love found and lost again (Fool's Gold)."

1996 looks to be a very busy year for them with plans to travel to UK, Europe and North America along with numerous gigs in Ireland and the North.

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