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Irish Ration Books 1939-1945

– Ration books used by my father and grandmother.. – 

During the"Emergency" in Ireland, as one would expect, rationing was put in place to help overcome the shortages brought about by the drastic reduction in supplies being shipped into the country.

Below I have a few scans of ration books issued by the Irish Government and used during that time by my Father and Grandmother.  To view the scans, click on the image next to the text.

   A picture of a ration book (1942) and a Head of Household, General Issue Ration Book (1944).    The page of instructions from my fathers book.  The upper part is in Irish Language.
   A page from the 1942 book..    The instructions from the 1944 book.
   Final page of instructions and a page of tokens from the 1944 book.    Householders instructions from the 1944 book.