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Irish Military Web Links and Organisations

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You can find below a list of Irish military website and related organisaations. If you know of any more, do contact me and I'll add them. The links pagse on these sites in turn contain a vast wealth of information.

Dennis Burke -- April 2009

Links all active on 9th April 2009

Main World War Two Web Links
General Topics

The Official Irish Defence Forces Website;

The website of the Reserve Defense Forces Representative Association

The Website of PDFORRA, the Permanent Defence Force Other Ranks Representative Association;

The Website of ARCO, the Association of Retired Commissioned Officers

Details of ONE - Oglaigh Naisunta Na hEireann, the Company of National Ex-Servicemen and Women

The Irish Department of Defence homepage.

The Un-official Defence Forces Web Site, by Boomer

The Irish Military Heritage of Ireland Trust. A main purpose of the Trust is to encourage and facilitate research into the military heritage of Ireland. A large and wide ranging list of links and research sources. A must see.

The Military History Society of Ireland. The society is involved in the study of military history, in particular the history of warfare in Ireland and of Irish people in wars down the centuries.

The Defence Forces Insignia Collection. A fine site with quality images of current and past DF badges and insignias by James G. Perkins.

Donal Buckley's Irish Military Tours. Where you can book tours of military related sites in Ireland.

The GTI Ireland website who can arrange overseas tours of battlefields and other locations.

The Irish UN Veteran's Association - IUNVA.

Two websites created by Walter O'Shea Remembering Irish Vietnam Veterans
Captain Edmond Landers and Private George Nagle

The Historical Aviation Society Of Ireland (HASOI) . http://www.historicalaviationireland.com

Army Topics

Ben Halligans Home Page with Information on 2nd cavalry Squadron and Irish Armour down through the years. Site has been nicely updated.:

A Coy., 20th Infantry Btn., RDF Unofficial Site;

62nd Cavalry Sqn, RDF Unofficial Site;
http://www.62cavalry.com - The former 11th Cavalry Sqn.

5th Field Military Police Coy. Unofficial Site;

Naval Service Topics

Air Corps Topics

Flying In Ireland, Mark Dwyers excellent site, the finest Irish aviation magazine and site thus far.; http://www.flyinginirelandmagazine.com/

Frank Grealish's Irish Air Corps Site. Buckets of photos here and information.

Max Decal, including Irish Air Corps Aircraft and how to model them

Scramble Aero Club Irish Air Corps database;

The old Irish Aviation Society site, the group is largely defunct I understand but they do still organise an annual fair