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IRELAND 1939-1945

– Some of the social and political aspects of life in Ireland during the War. – 

During the course of World War Two Ireland had an official policy of neutrality. With great gusto the country prepared itself as best it could to look after its well being and sovereignty in this time rationing and threat of war. This site will hopefully be able to set about describing some of the events and occurrences in Ireland during this time.

This period in Irish history is referred to, with some under statement as, "The Emergency"

Below are a list of subjects which are important subjects in the study of Ireland during the Second World War. However, as politics and solial studies are deffinatly not my strongs points I will link where possible to reputable external links with the aid of some of my own readings and opinions. Some topics below are under construction and are likely to remain so for some time. A read of the sources will however give you many printed sources that will educate you much better than I can.

Irish Statute Book 1922 to Date

Here on the Irish Government Web site, www.irlgov.ie, you can view the text of the various Acts and Statutory Instruments issued by the Irish Government. Of particular interest to us here are those issued between 1939 and 1946, including the Emergency Powers Act and Offenses Against the State Act. Some Act's of particular interest 1939 - 1945 are

No. 21/1939: - AIR-RAID PRECAUTIONS ACT, 1939
No. 28/1939: - EMERGENCY POWERS ACT, 1939

Oireachtas Debates - 1922 to Date

Another part of the government web site, where you can read and search a comprehensive database of debates from both House's of the Irish Dail, or Parliament, from handing over of Treaty Ports to the price of Cream at Ballina Market!

Government of Ireland: 1939 - 1945

A list of Irish Government Ministers and officials in power during the Emergency

The Partition Issue

The subject that hung at all times over Ireland's dealings during the period of the Emergency. It was one of the driving reasons behind the neutrality policy taken by the Government.- To be written - Submissions gladly accepted.

Censorship in Ireland - 1939 - 1945

A discussion on the censorship policies carried out by the Irish Government during the Emergency. - To be written - Submissions gladly accepted.

Employment and Immigration in Ireland during the Emergency

A discussion of the state of employment and Emigration to the United Kingdon during the 'Emergency'.- To be written - Submissions gladly accepted.

Life in County Sligo during the Emergency.

The above is a short description of some elements of life in the county during the war. This is taken from the Sligo Champion Newspaper, my local press. For those of you with little knowledge of Ireland, Sligo is a county in the west of Ireland, where I come from. I shall try to add some maps sometime. I will also get some eyewitness accounts from none other than my father, since he lived through this period. He served in the LDF during the Emergency and also experienced the shortages brought about by war.