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Irish Mercantile Marine

– War Casualties 1939 - 1945. – 

The Irish Mercantile Marine was tasked during the war with the carriage of badly needed supplies to and exports from Ireland. It was inevitable, sailing as they did in the Atlantic and home waters infested with German and Allied warships, submarines and aircraft, that losses would occur.

Below are the names of those lost or damaged ships along with the names of those crew members that lost their lives while serving on them. I have also included some photos of the memorial that stands on City Quay, by the Liffey in Dublin city. The memorial consists of a 20ft block of Wicklow Granite with a 200 year old anchor found off the south cost of Ireland. On it are etched 149 names. The memorial was opened by the then President of Ireland Dr. Edmund Hillery. Below are the names of those on the memorial and some photos I've taken of the memorial and also of the November 2004 Memorial Service at the site.


A glimpse at a map of the Ringsend area of Dublin will find you the following street names: Breman Road, Breman Grove, Cymric Road, Isolda Road, Pine Road, Leukos Road, Kyleclare Road and Clonlara Road. This first step to a memorial was carried out in the late 1970's.

Members of the Mercantile Marine that served during the war were eligible to receive the Mercantile Marine Service Medal. They were issued up 1980 and even to this day, former merchant men can claim their medal

For a much more indept look at this topic and much more, I must direct you towards The Irish Seamen's Relatives Association - They have here a very detailed site, with much more information than I could ever hope to include. There you will find, photos of memorials, lists of incidents, newspaper articles and much more. For more detail again, refer to the book 'The Long Watch - World War Two and the Irish Mercantile Marine', By Frank Forde. ISBN 1-902602-42-0

Ardmore (Sank 12 November 1940)
Barry, F., Passage West, Co. Cork

Bruland, E., Passage West

Cronin, J., Cork

Desmond, B., Cork

Fennel, J., Cork

Flynn, P., Cork

Ford, M., Cork

Ford, T .,Liverpool

Hare, E., Dublin

Johnson, A., Liverpool

Kelleher, J., Cork

Lane, J., Cork

McGlynn, J., Dublin

McNally, S., Liverpool

Murphy, A., Passage West

O'Donovan, P., Cork

O'Leary, T., Cork

O'Regan, J., Cork

O'Shea, F., Cork

Power, John, Cork

Power, James, Cork

Raymond, M., Cork

Ryan, P., Passage East, Co. Waterford

Speed, E., Liverpool

Dalgrano, J, Dublin
City of Limerick (Sank 15 July 1940)
Brennan, H., Dublin

Sullivan,J., Liverpool
City of Waterford (Sank 19 September 1940)
Alpin, T., Dublin

Furlong, G., Wexford

Naylor, S., Bray, Co. Wicklow

Murphy, P ., Dun Laoghaire

Kearney, E., Dublin
Clonlara (Sank 22 August 1941)
Carr, W., Dublin

Greene, E., Dublin

Kavanagh, E., Dublin

Lambe, A., Dublin

McGuigan, P., Lusk, Co. Dublin

McKane, S., Dublin

Reynolds, J., Drogheda

Robertson, A., Limerick

Smith, M., Dublin

Spanner,J., Wexford

Spence, R., Dublin
Cymric (missing since 24 February 1944)
Bergin, P., Wexford

Brennan, J., Wexford

Cassidy, C., Athboy, Co. Meath

Crosbie,J., Wexford

Furlong, K., Wexford

Kiernan, B., Dundalk

McConnell, C., Dublin

O'Rourke, W., Wexford

Ryan, M., Dungarvan

Seaver, P ., Skerries

Tierney, M., Wexford
Innisfallen (Sank 21 December 1940)
Doyle, W., Dublin

Geary, D., Kinsale

Porter, J., Dublin

Rickard, J., Howth
Isolda (Sank 19 December 1940)
Dunne, P.

Farrell, W.


Holland, W.

Rushby, W.

Shortt, P.: all were from Dun Laoghaire
Irish Pine (Sank 15 November 1942)
Bent, P., Wexford

Cashin, K., Dublin

Clery, P., Wexford

Connolly, W., Kinsale

Conway, J., Dublin

Crichton, R., Leith, Scotland

Cowzer, F., Dublin

Cusack, M., Limerick

Cusack, T., Cork

Daly, T., Dublin

Donagh, E., Galway

Dooly, M., Limerick

Duffy, J.,Dublin

Fanning, P., Clogherhead, Co. Louth

Flynn, M., Limerick

Hartnett, A., Cork

McCarthy, J., Kinsale

Murphy, F., Limerick

Nolan, J., Dublin

O'Brien, G., Cobh

O'Callaghan, M., Cork

O'Connell, J., Cork

O'Connor, J., Dublin

O'Donoghue, T., Dublin

O'Neill, M., Wexford

Ryan, S., Limerick

Sheehan, P., Kinsale

Smith, S., Wexford

Talbot, R., Dublin

Tobin, A., Limerick

Tracy, F ., Limerick

Ward, H., Dublin

Young, H., Limerick
Kerry Head (Sank 22 October 1940)
Begley, T., Limerick

Byme, D., Wicklow

Davidson, W., Carrickfergus

Drummond, C., Blackpool

McMahon, M., Scattery Island

McMahon, S., Co. Clare

Naughton, G.,Limerick

Naughton, J., Limerick

Nicholl, G., Carrickfergus

O'Neill, P ., Limerick

Tobin, J ., Limerick

Wilson, J ., Carrickfergus
Kyleclare (Sank 23 February 1943)
Barry, E., Wexford

Brannock, P.,Dublin

Brady, T., Galway

de Burca, D., Dublin

Grimes, R., Dublin

Hamilton, A., Galway

Hopkins, P ., Dublin

Larkin, J ., Dublin

Lynch, T ., Clogherhead, Co. Louth

Morgan, J., Dublin

Mooney, D., Dublin

O'Brian, L., Dublin

O'Brian, R., Dublin

O'Brien, D., Dublin

O'Neill, P ., Dublin

Ryan, T ., Rush, Co. Dublin

Simms, W.,Kildare

Todd, U., New Ross
Leukos (Sank 9 March 1940)
Cullen, M., Ringsend, Dublin

Donnelly, W., Fleetwood, England

Gill, T., Dublin

Hawkins, J., Ringsend

McCarty, P., Dublin

McLeod, T., Fleetwood

Mulligan,T., Dublin

O'Scanlan, P., Cleethorpes, England

Smith, B., Dublin

Sumher, R., Dublin

Thomasson,J., Fleetwood
Naomh Garbhan (Sank 2 May 1945)
Cuddihy, N.

Griffin, J. (Senior)

Griffin, J. (Junior): all from Helvick, Co. Waterford
St Fintan (Sank 22 March 1941)
Fritzen, C., Dublin

Hendy ,H., Scotland

Howat, J., Scotland

Jones, J., Dublin

Leonard, M., Rush, Co. Dublin

O'Beirne, D., Dublin

O'Brien, W., Dublin

O'Donnell, M., Ringsend, Dublin

Plunkett, B., Dublin


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