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Foreign Diplomats & Ministers


The following is a list of those foreign diplomats, ministers and military personnel that were detailed by their governments to deal with Irish affairs during the Second World War.

United Kingdom -- United States -- German and Axis
United Kingdom and Commonwealth
Prime Minister     (from May 1940)Mr. Winston Churchill
British Representative in IrelandSir John Maffey  
Governor In Northern Ireland    Lord Abercorn
Foreign SecretaryMr. Anthony Eden
Dominion SecretaryLord Cranborn
Chancellor of the Exchequer     Kingsley Wood
Permanent Undersecretary to the Dominions OfficeSir Eric Machtig
Min. for HealthMr. Malcolm MacDonald
Min. for FoodLord Woolten
Canadian High CommissionerMr. John Kearney
Military Liaison Officer 1940Gen. Harrison
Air AttacheWing Comm. Malcolm Beggs
United States Representatives
US Ambassador to IrelandMr. David Gray
Military AttacheCol. John Reynolds
Commander US Forces in Northern IrelandMG. Russel J Hartle
Ireland Desk at the OSS in WashingtonMr. Carter Nicolas
Axis Representatives
German Foreign MinisterJoachim Von Ribbentrop
German Ambassador to IrelandDr. Eduard Hempel
First Secretary, Dublin Legation Henning Thomsen
Edmund Vessenmayer
Italian Representative in Ireland Vincenzo Beradis
Japanese Representative in Ireland Sam Beppu