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Ireland in World War Two

– Part of the story of Ireland during the war. – 

Welcome to the part of the site which will detail aspects of the war from the prospective of the island of Ireland.

During the course of World War Two Ireland held an official policy of neutrality. With great energy and enthusiasm the people of Ireland prepared themselves as best they could to look after their well being and sovereignty in this time shortages and fear of invasion. This site will hopefully be able to set about describing some of the events and occurrences in Ireland during this time.

At the same time, the people of Northern Ireland were caught up in the mailstrom that was the Second World War. It was a testing time for the fledling Northern State as its rulers strove to prove their loyalty to the United Kingdom. By providing an industrial base and a vital Atlantic base area, Northern Ireland was deeply involved in the Second World War. They sadly too, suffered the direct effects of modern warfare.

This period in Irish history is referred to, with some under statement as, "The Emergency".This name stems from the Emergency Powers Act 1939, which was in force during the war, in Ireland.

Ireland's Homefront

  1. Ireland 1939 - 1945: The Emergency Years
  2. Irish Defense Forces 1939 - 1945
  3. Scans of Emergency Period Ration Books used by my Father during the war in Ireland.
  4. A map of Ireland giving principal towns.
  5. External Link:-Second World War - Online Learning Resource for Northern Ireland .

Foreign Relations, Friends and Foes

  1. Lists of Foreign Diplomats and Officers involved in Irish affairs during the war.
  2. Details of British and Allied Armed Forces stationed in Northern Ireland during the War and the plans which may have seen them fight in Ireland.
  3. External Link - The US Army CMH's history of the US Army in Northern Ireland during World War Two.
  4. Details of German Armed Forces and plans connected with Ireland during the War.

Ireland in the War

  1. Ireland and the Treaty Ports. To be written - Submissions accepted!
  2. A Certain Consideration - Benevolent Neutrality
  3. The Irish Mercantile Marine in World War Two
  4. Aerial bombings of Ireland
  5. Foynes Flying Boat Base.
  6. Crashes and landings of Belligerent aircraft in the southern counties during 1939-45.
  7. Foreign combatants interned in Ireland.
  8. The Fighting Irish - Volunteers for Allies and Axis. To be written - Submissions accepted!
  9. Irish people involved in the War

External Links

  1. Second World War - Online Learning Resource for Northern Ireland . Well worth a visit, lots of information.
  2. Links to Irish Military Web sites including two message boards.
  3. Visit the Irish Seamens Relatives Association . Campaigners for Emergency period mariners.
  4. See the site of the Bandon, Cork, War Memorial
  5. The Irish Airmail Society. Article here on censorship in Ireland during the emergency.
  6. The US Army CMH's history of the US Army in Northern Ireland during World War Two.
  7. Link to details of the Belgium Army which trained in Northern Ireland during 1945
  8. A short article dealing with some economic and political issues from NUI Galway. Don't know the author.
  9. Link to the Victoria Cross Reference web site. Has details of the five Irish winners of the award in WW2.
  10. List of famous Irish politicians with short biographies. Includes some Emergency period personalities. Site from University College Dublin.