Allied and Axis Codenames 

The following is a "fairly" long list of operational codenames from the Second World War. They are sorted alphabetically at present, I'm in the process of sorting by date and theatre. There are over 1000 codenames here and I'm still working on it! Please note it is almost 2002 since I put any effort into this list and due to its age, it undoubtably contains errors. Ue my list as a reference only please, its the work of an hobby general after all.

Glossary Notes:
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The tables of codenames have been generated from a MS Excel Worksheet and saved as an HTML file with the tags included. For this reason, you must look at the Allied and Axis Codenames separately by clicking on the icons above.

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The layout of the tables are as follows:
Codename Y/N Forces Involved Date Theatre Description
The codenames listed in Alphabetical order The presence of a letter, Y, in this column indicates that the operation was carried out as planned. This column indicates the nation of the principle forces engaged in any listed operation. Column 4 gives the date that the operation was planned for or carried out/started on or the duration of the operation. This column indicates the theatre or campaign that the operation was part of. This column gives a short description of the operations listed.

I hope you find this useful and informing and as allways, if you have any additions or corrections please feel free to send them on to me at:

A glossary to assist you in understanding some of the contents of the two tables above.

AOK	Armee Oberkommando, German Field Army accronym
BEF	British Expeditionary Force, force sent to France in 1939-1940
BPF	British Pacific Fleet
Bty.	battery, artillery position
Cdo	Commando
CinC	Commander in Chief
DEI	Dutch East Indies
DNG	Dutch New Guinea
FFI	French Forces of the Interior
IA 	Inter-Allied, 10 (IA) Cdo. 
JCS	Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Armed forces command
LoC	Lines of Communication
LRDG	Long Range Desert Group
MTB	Motor Torpedo Boat
NEI	Netherlands East Indies
NZ	New Zealand
OSS	Office of Strategic Services
PI	Philipine Islands
POA	Pacific Ocean Areas
PzAOK	Panzerarmeeoberkommando, a Panzer or Armoured Formation
RAF	Royal Air Force
RN	Royal Navy
SAS	Special Air Service
SBS	Special Boat Service
SDF	Sudan Defense Force
SEA	South East Asia
SOE	Special Operations Excecutive
SSRF	Small Scale Raiding Force
SWPAC	South West Pacific
TF	Task Force

I have to thank the following people for giving me much great help with this table:
Jörg Michael from the Canary Islands, thanks very much Jörg
Greg Way
Johan Flatseth
Tim Hayes
William Ashby