xsheep, X desktop sheep

This is the home of xsheep, a moronic little sheep that trundles around the X desktop walking along the top of windows and falling of the edges among other mildly amusing antics.

This is a clone of the windows ESheep, and the author has kindly given permission in answer to my request to reuse the graphics. The graphics were extracted from the original windows binary using winresdump, which I originally wrote for the purpose.

Update, sometime in Aug/Sep 1999: Some people have mailed me wondering xsheep isn't completed, and has not got past proof of concept. The reason is simple, the ESheep program that everyone knows and loves is an illegal unlicenced hacked version of Stray Sheep by villagecenter, and the sheep is a animation character in Japan. Requests to use the graphics legitimally went unanswered, so seemed safer just to stop work in it. Of course there is nothing to stop me using different graphics to write a similiar program, say with penguin graphics from pingus, but I got knocked off track so...

Thats what you get for believing in a mails from a person named Mr E Sheep :-)

Update 2, 12 Nov 2000: This titchy nonprogram has given me more grief than all the other ones put together. VillageCenter finally got back to me, 16 months after my initial query. Remove images, copyright violater, fair enough, hard to protest that my violation was accidental and an attempt to do something constructive.

Update 3, 13 Nov 2000: And again, hard to find all of those images, brusque tone, For what its worth, after doing a little searching there now a far superior implemented of a X desktop animation xpenguins using pingus graphics,


Download, Source version 0.0.1, last updated Fri Aug 13 16:49:59 IST 1999 CHANGELOG, up to the date news of changes.


Original ESheep.
Window .exe resource dumper winresdump.
Mirror of xwhirl & xsnow.