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10/10/2002 Entry: "October Update"

Well I'm back from the trek early, dog bite on the 4th Oct followed by horse ride, bad nights sleep, helicopter evacuation on 5th., 7 shots of 10.6ml of HRIG in the bite, one rabies vaccine. Another vaccine on the 8th, and one coming up on the 12th.

I'll get the site up to date as soon as the lads return from the trek as they have the notes on what we did each day and my memory of each day isn't sure of certain things on what days and what times.

Stuck in Kathmandu might go to Pokhara in between the next two shots, have a bit of a flu, probably from the vaccine or else the bloody streets in Kathmandu (pollution!!). Reading lots of bloody books, Foundation series for the second time is doing well.... and I hear I might be in the UL student newspaper An Focal, if I can find it....

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