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10/10/2002 Entry: "29 Sep 2002 - Kathmandu to Khudi"

Got up early and met up with everyone around 6:15am, stored stuff in the hotel and headed for the bus. The bus was small and we put our gear on the roof, a few mins later someone tried to charge us for helping put our stuff up.. (they'd try anything here). Took ages to get out of Kathmandu, as the traffic was pretty bad, then we wound our way through the hills and nice dangerous roads (and driving!!) to get to Dumre. At Dumre we got dropped outside a hotel who sold us tickets for a bus to Besishar.

A bus pulled up soon afterwards and we were piled onto it along with our luggage in the aisleway which wasn't particularly good. The bus had a dodgy Indian movie on video and it was turned up to the last which didn't help. The bus got stopped for close to an hour to get through an army checkpost. All the locals got out and walked through we got to sit on the bus (it was bloody hot also). We got to Besishar around 4pm and arrived in a lot of confusion. All the local touts were standing around trying to get the 5 of us (me, Darryl, Gerry, Ayala and Sharon) and two other guys to stay in there places. The bus driver told us the bus would go a bit further through the town to where trekking started, but then someone told us he probably wouldn't move it due to pressure from the touts. We signed into the police checkpost and the ACAP (conservation project) checkpost, and we decided we head for Khudi the first town on Annapurna Circuit there and then as opposed to stay in Besishar which was bloody oppressive and I'm surprised with the amount of touts if anyone stays there!! Trekking for about 1.5hrs (I think) to get to Khudi, mostly along a big trail (with one scary enough bridge). Picked the first place we got to in Khudi, and by the looks of it so did everyone else on the route. A big group of Kiwis were there ahead f us. The owner of the hotel gave us all a slideshow of the area along with some of the mountains we could see the next morning. Decided to get up early the next morning and get moving before the heat really built up in the day as were at very low altitudes.

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