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    MMTests is a configurable test suite that runs a number of common workloads of interest to MM developers. Ideally this would have been to integrated with LTP, xfstests or Phoronix Test or implemented with autotest. Unfortunately, large portions of these tests are cobbled together over a number of years with varying degrees of quality before decent test frameworks were common. The refactoring effort to integrate with another framework is significant.

    The top-level directory has a single driver script called which reads a config file that describes how the benchmarks should be run, configures the system and runs the requested tests. config also has some per-test configuration items that can be set depending on the test. The driver script takes the name of the test as a parameter. Generally, this would be a symbolic name naming the kernel being tested.

    Each test is driven by a script which reads the relevant script. High level items such as profiling are configured from the top-level script while the driver scripts typically convert the config parameters into switches for a "shellpack". A shellpack is a pair of benchmark and install scripts that are all stored in shellpacks/ .

    Monitors can be optionally configured. A full list is in monitors/ . Care should be taken with monitors as there is a possibility that they introduce overhead of their own. Hence, for some performance sensitive tests it is preferable to have no monitoring.

    Many of the tests download external benchmarks. An attempt will be made to download from a mirror . To get an idea where the mirror should be located, grep for MIRROR_LOCATION= in shellpacks/.

    A basic invocation would be
    $ cp config-global-dhp__pagealloc-performance config
    $ ./ --no-monitor 3.0-nomonitor
    $ ./ --run-monitor 3.0-runmonitor
    More information is included in the README.

    Download links are below. The naming convention is in two parts. The first mmtests-VERSION refers to the version of mmtests itself. Typically for a given series mmtests is forked where the second part comes into play. To a tarball that is a fork for reclaim related tests might be called mmtests-0.02-reclaim-0.01.tar.gz . Forks will never be linked here but it is handy to keep the naming convention when or if forks are referred to on a mailing list.

    Package Release Date
    mmtests-0.01-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz August 4th, 2011
    mmtests-0.02-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz October 17th, 2011
    mmtests-0.03-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz March 2nd, 2012
    mmtests-0.04-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz June 20th, 2012
    mmtests-0.05-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz September 7th, 2012
    mmtests-0.06-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz October 12th, 2012
    mmtests-0.07-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz November 16th, 2012
    mmtests-0.08-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz November 30th, 2012
    mmtests-0.09-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz February 15th, 2013
    mmtests-0.10-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz April 3rd, 2013
    mmtests-0.11-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz July 1st, 2013
    mmtests-0.13-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz November 20th, 2013
    mmtests-0.15-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz January 7th, 2014
    mmtests-0.16-mmtests-0.01.tar.gz June 26th, 2014

    A git tree is available at
    o Allow monitor-only mode logs to be compared
    o Fix URL for ffsb
    o Remove obsolete starve benchmark, replace with ebizzy
    o Many cosmetic reporting issues
    o Add basic analysis scripts for ftrace logs
    o Add abiliity to report some results as quartiles
    o Add fio benchmark
    o Add ku-latency benchmark
    o Re-add speccpu benchmark and reporting script
    o Add monitor for /proc/interrupts
    o Do not unnecessarily load oprofile
    o Timed munlock test and different NUMA binding policy
    o Record exit code
    o Do not run ft for NAS class D testing
    o Reporting script for parallel write latency
    o Reporting script for iostat
    o Additional configs for parallel write patterns
    o Do not monitor top for specjvm configuration
    o Optionally only monitor active processes with top
    o Benchmark for on-disk compression
    o Benchmark for timed buffer allocation (relavant to THP)
    o Benchmark for mutilate, a memcached workload generator
    o Benchmark for ebizzy
    o New configuration for pgbench that is scheduler orientated
    o Suppress useless messages from reaim
    o Report pages in/out statistics properly in vmstat
    o Monitor that enables numad
    o Monitor for NUMA memory balance
    o Fixed tiobench installation script
    o Adapt to sourceforge download links
    o Report latencies as recorded by tiobench
    o Add blktrace post-process that analyses requests completed during stalls
    o Add helper script for extracting annotated profiles
    o Adjust stap to kernel 3.9
    o Do not log usemem output as it can block on IO for anon tests
    o Collapse some of the micro tests
    o Rework reaim benchmark
    o Remove signal_test from reaim configs as it's stupid
    o Add ability to hog memory which simplifies some NUMA tests
    o Adjust to handle removal of get_request_wait
    o Fix top monitor to avoid duplicate output
    o Remove ft from nas tests memory requirements are excessive
    o Improve reporting script for highalloc tests
    o Fix missing dependencies for dbench and memcachetest
    o Many small improvements to reporting, more graphs etc.
    o Increase duration of dbench benchmarks to cope better with noise
    o Add generic script for comparing test runs
    o Improve monitoring of processes stuck in dstate
    o Do not record top-related informtion for hackbench, too much IO, unhelpful
    o Add more configurations related to read IO starvation monitoring
    o Preliminary support for rendering HTML reports
    o specjbb configs for single JVMs
    o specjbb extraction script changes for single JVMs
    o nas reporting scripts
    o Add benchmark for specjbb
    o Run multiple instances of tiobench and report variances
    o Basic NUMA monitoring scripts
    o Describe the components of autonumbench and add a configuration file
    o Automatically install packages (need name mappings for other distros)
    o Add benchmark for autonumabench
    o Add support for benchmarking NAS with MPI
    o Add pgbench for autonumabench (may need a bit more work)
    o Upgrade postgres version to 9.2.1
    o Upgrade kernel verion used for kernbench to 3.0 for newer toolchains
    o Alter mailserver config to finish in a reasonable time
    o Add monitor for perf sched
    o Add moinitor that gathers ftrace information with trace-cmd
    o Add preliminary monitors for NUMA stats (very basic)
    o Specify ftrace events to monitor from config file
    o Remove the bulk of whats left of VMRegress
    o Convert shellpacks to a template format to auto-generate boilerplate code
    o Collect lock_stat information if enabled
    o Run multiple iterations of aim9
    o Add basic regression tests for Cross Memory Attach
    o Copy with preempt being enabled in highalloc stres tests
    o Have largedd cope with a missing large file to work with
    o Add a monitor-only mode to just capture logs
    o Report receive-side throughput in netperf for results
    o Move driver and config scripts into their own directory
    o Add bin/ and bin/
    o Remove references to Irish mirror
    o Small tidy up
    o Add benchmarks for tbench, pipetest, lmbench, starve, memcachedtest
    o Add basic benchmark to run trinity fuzz testing tool
    o Add monitor that runs parallel IO in the background. Measures how much
      IO interferes with a target workload.
    o Allow limited run of sysbench to save time
    o Add helpers for running oprofile, taken from libhugetlbfs
    o Add fsmark configurations suitable for page reclaim and metadata tests
    o Add a mailserver simulator (needs work, takes too long to run)
    o Tune page fault test configuration for page allocator comparisons
    o Allow greater skew when running STREAM on NUMA machines
    o Add a monitor that roughly measures interactive app startup times
    o Add a monitor that tracks read() latency (useful for interactivity tests)
    o Add script for calculating quartiles (incomplete, not tested properly)
    o Add config examples for measuring interactivity during IO (not validated)
    o Add background allocator for hugepage allocations (not validated)
    o Patch SystemTap installation to work with 3.4 and later kernels
    o Allow use of out-of-box THP configuration
    o Add a page allocator micro-benchmark
    o Add monitor for tracking processes stuck in D state
    o Add a page fault micro-benchmark
    o Add a memory compaction micro-benchmark
    o Patch a tiobench divide-by-0 error
    o Adapt systemtap for >= 3.3 kernel
    o Reporting scripts for kernbench
    o Reporting scripts for ddresidency
    Version 0.02
    o Added benchmark for running dbench3, dbench4, tiobench
    o Added benchmark for ffsb that can generate work profiles similar to the
      ffsb tests used for btrfs
    o iozone can now run in single mode to allow better specification of what
      the test should do
    o Corrected name of fraganalysis script in makefile
    o Polished reporting a little, added some support for comparing iostat
    Version 0.01
      o Initial public release